Your shadow
is not there to
create darkness,
but to enable you
to find your light
behind it.

Could it be that your Life Purpose
is to meet your hardship,
your problems and your suffering
with dignity?

Your life is about so much more than what you do.
You are also here to become.
The potential for that transformation
lies hidden within the problems
you encounter.
And so your problems and challenges
are not here to hinder you,
But for you to
realize your Life Purpose

Your life belongs to you.
not because you do not deserve
any better, but
because you are the only one
in the whole world
who can make something of it
and in so doing,
fulfill your life purpose.

In this life,
our ultimate task may not be
to find pleasure,
but to find meaning.

The care you give yourself
Reflects your belief
Of what you deserve.

Defining moments,
though sometimes shocking and traumatic,
are moments when you can re-define
who you can be.

In truth, your destiny lies ahead of you like a path of sleeping seeds,
waiting for you to tend them with the water
of your consciousness.
You do not have to do that,
but then you must accept a life without flowers.

Right now your power and freedom
lie in your ability
to define a new future rather than
 to linger on a past
that cannot be altered.

Counselling Sessions

Few things are as supportive for the questioning mind and nurturing for the troubled soul than a long and open conversation.

Unfortunately, these days it is exceptional to find an opportunity to just talk in a time and a space that is entirely yours. It is rare to be received and heard by a compassionate and understanding person. We have forgotten the necessity of this simple meeting between the one who needs to be heard and the one who listens. For you to share your problems and challenges in a tranquil and non-judgmental set-up can be the first step in the process of healing and positive change.

When you feel overwhelmed by your difficulties, it is necessary for you to express your worries, your losses, your pain, doubts, fears and hopes.

Change begins with sharing your story and your challenges. All transformation begins by bringing your troubles and your questions into full awareness. The inner relief this brings, together with new understandings gained will lead you to developing and implementing an appropriate way forward.

Person-centred counselling focuses on your life – your experiences, your questions, your challenges, ordeals and fears. It allows you to express in freedom and in confidence your innermost concerns, your values and your wishes. The confidential dialogue that ensues will generate a mental and emotional process, enabling you to access your own answers and solutions, which may have been there all along, but up until then, hidden by your immediate anxiety and worry.

The standard approach is to work for six 1-hour sessions proper, which allows for a thorough exploration of your challenges and possible underlying problems, leading to helpful understanding, insights and eventually finding the way to a possible resolution. Afterwards, you can decide on a possible continuation.

We know that not all problems can be resolved. A chronic illness or disability cannot be undone. There might not be an option to put a broken relationship back together. Childhood trauma cannot be forgotten. But you do have the freedom and the power to decide how you live with what is given to you. And it is this potential, hidden within your challenges, that can be awakened during this counselling and which is the central premise in the approach of HEART AND SOUL.

HEART AND SOUL counselling offers e-counselling through Skype, by e-mail and/or telephonic counselling. These options will fully accommodate your individual needs and circumstances.

As a matter of your free introduction, I invite you to send me a 1 – 2 page confidential summary here, presenting your personal circumstances, your challenges and what you would want from this counselling. You will receive a response to your letter within three working days.

Alternatively, you can request the on-line brochure here.