In truth, your destiny lies ahead of you like a path of sleeping seeds,
waiting for you to tend them with the water
of your consciousness.
You do not have to do that,
but then you must accept a life without flowers.

Defining moments,
though sometimes shocking and traumatic,
are moments when you can re-define
who you can be.

Your life belongs to you.
not because you do not deserve
any better, but
because you are the only one
in the whole world
who can make something of it
and in so doing,
fulfill your life purpose.

The care you give yourself
Reflects your belief
Of what you deserve.

Your life is about so much more than what you do.
You are also here to become.
The potential for that transformation
lies hidden within the problems
you encounter.
And so your problems and challenges
are not here to hinder you,
But for you to
realize your Life Purpose

In this life,
our ultimate task may not be
to find pleasure,
but to find meaning.

Your shadow
is not there to
create darkness,
but to enable you
to find your light
behind it.

Could it be that your Life Purpose
is to meet your hardship,
your problems and your suffering
with dignity?

Right now your power and freedom
lie in your ability
to define a new future rather than
 to linger on a past
that cannot be altered.

Into the Light Self-counselling Programme

Into the Light is a twelve-step process designed to assist you in constructively meeting and working through a serious problem or crisis.

Taking you through reflection and inner searching, the sequence of the themes in these twelve steps leads you from a direct experience of the crisis to a place of acceptance, change, resolve and peace.

This process helps you to face the facts of your life and to honestly perceive the feelings and emotions that come from within. Reflecting on the events in your biography, finding meaning, finding possible good in hardship and forgiveness are some of the themes dealt with in this program.

Into the Light looks at the possibility that we ourselves have brought about the events in our life, albeit unconsciously. There is a strong relationship between the events that challenge you the most on the one hand, and the true potential hidden within those events. When you are willing to at least consider the possibility that any event, however traumatic or unjust it may seem, also carries its equivalent potential for transformation, you begin to reveal the hidden meaning and thus accept its place within your biography.

Although you are entirely in charge of the pace of this process, it is advisable to keep things slow and gentle. This programme is not designed to ‘get through’, but to introduce and stimulate an inner experience. The main aim here is to help you find understanding of and a place for your life’s events. In so doing you will give value and meaning to those events, recognize and embrace their gifts and allow space for a deep inner encounter with the personal dynamics in your life.

Into the Light will eventually enable you to find healing and closure and to re-enter your life with new found intentions and inspiration.  

You can take yourself through this programme, or with the help of a person of your choice. All the chapters and questionnaires will be sent by e-mail.

Purchase Price:      £ 490     /     $ 640     /     € 550     /     ZAR  4 200

To be paid in advance in its entirety ( 10% discount  ) or in two equal instalments.

Purchasing this Program entitles you to:

  • The Into the Light Workbook ( 40 pages ).
  • Questions, reflections and evaluations for each chapter

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