Your life belongs to you.
not because you do not deserve
any better, but
because you are the only one
in the whole world
who can make something of it
and in so doing,
fulfill your life purpose.

Defining moments,
though sometimes shocking and traumatic,
are moments when you can re-define
who you can be.

The care you give yourself
Reflects your belief
Of what you deserve.

Your shadow
is not there to
create darkness,
but to enable you
to find your light
behind it.

In truth, your destiny lies ahead of you like a path of sleeping seeds,
waiting for you to tend them with the water
of your consciousness.
You do not have to do that,
but then you must accept a life without flowers.

Right now your power and freedom
lie in your ability
to define a new future rather than
 to linger on a past
that cannot be altered.

Your life is about so much more than what you do.
You are also here to become.
The potential for that transformation
lies hidden within the problems
you encounter.
And so your problems and challenges
are not here to hinder you,
But for you to
realize your Life Purpose

In this life,
our ultimate task may not be
to find pleasure,
but to find meaning.

Could it be that your Life Purpose
is to meet your hardship,
your problems and your suffering
with dignity?

My Life Purpose Self-counselling Programme

In this life, our ultimate task may not be to find pleasure, but to find meaning. Although the concept of meaning is hardly part of our education and upbringing, it remains our most important inner search, even if it is on a subconscious level. Our search for meaning gives rise to the need for values, a Life Purpose and an inner experience of what our life is really about.

Meaninglessness is a condition which our mind and soul find intolerable. When that happens, a deep subconscious emptiness is the result, leading to boredom, depression and neurosis.

HEART AND SOUL Personal Life Coaching considers challenging the meaning of life as the result of a deep inner question to be the truest expression of the state of being human. Over time, this question has moved out of the more excluding realms, such as religion and philosophy, into the realm of individual and personal consciousness.

When you find yourself facing this question, you have arrived at a most profound and precious moment in your life.  You are unique, and meaning therefore is individual and contextual.

Your uniqueness is manifest in your biography and in your particular challenges and problems. You have your own specific vocation or mission in life. Herein you cannot be replaced nor can your life be repeated. Thus, your task is as unique as your specific opportunity to implement it.

It is especially during times of hardship and when trauma befalls us, that meaning is questioned and searched for. Then, when a situation cannot be changed, you are challenged to change yourself. The fundamental necessity for this change is to find meaning and purpose in your life and in the things that happen to you. Without meaning and purpose development is not possible.

Most contemporary views and related exercises regarding Life Purpose focus on discovering your passions, your talents and, subsequently, what you should ‘do’ in this world.

But you are so much more than what you do, and so your search for meaning can only be fulfilled by realizing that your life is so much more than merely a physical event in time. In fact, if you associate your purpose only with the external, you may never find it. The search for meaning originates from within you, and therefore the answers reside within you.

HEART AND SOUL has designed a specialized five-week in-depth programme, during which you will be sent five detailed chapters and related exercises, questions and evaluations weekly, each representing a particular view on the aspect of Life Purpose. These articles and assessments will guide you through different viewpoints and activities, leading you from your question to a clear comprehension of your own truth and your uniqueness.  At the end of this programme you will be formulating your own Purpose Statement.

All chapters and questionnaires will be sent by e-mail.

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Purchasing this Programme entitles you to:

5 lengthy chapters, each introducing a specific view on the theme of Life Purpose. Each chapter is accompanied by personal questions, evaluations and self-reflective exercises, leading you to awaken your unique purpose in this life.

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