Life is fragile, challenging and full of changes.
But life is also glorious, a privilege, abundant and a gift full of opportunities.
We can discover that abundance, revel in the glory and take hold of the opportunities.
But we cannot do that on our own.
We are not supposed to do that on our own.

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Dear visitor,

A very warm welcome to Heart and Soul Coaching and Counseling. This practice offers you your own, personal and confidential platform to share your challenges and your needs in an environment of care and compassion.

The unique nature of Heart and Soul Coaching is defined by our professionally-designed extensive email coaching workshops. This format makes this coaching practice available at very competitive rates and from the comfort of your home and perfectly fitting in with your personal and professional needs and commitments.

Heart and Soul provides expert coaching and counseling for profound challenges such as:

Heart and Soul Coaching and Counseling was established in 2011, and has since grown into an international online coaching and counseling practice. Through our professionally designed and fully facilitated unique email coaching workshops, we have made our services available worldwide at very affordable rates.  These programs offer detailed, in-depth and therapeutic media, each with a specialized theme, allowing you to work through your specific life challenges and bring renewal where you most need it.

During the workshop of your choice, you will be guided and coached session-by-session, in a caring manner and with great attention to your personal needs and unique circumstances. The numerous practical and therapeutic advantages of this format of delivery are described in detail here.

These workshops have been skillfully designed to help you face your particular problems and challenges, and then work methodically towards resolve and change. Throughout the workshop of your choice, you will be asked to actively engage in therapeutic exercises, reflective tasks and educational reflections. In addition, you will enjoy unlimited email contact with your coach, who will guide you every step of the way.

The email workshops available are:

New InsightsCoaching for Quality of Life

New InsightsCoaching for Chronic Illness

This Strange Land © Counseling for Chronic Illness

Into the Light Transformative Coaching

My Life Purpose Existential Coaching

Please allow yourself some time to peruse the pages and select the service and the packages that best meet your needs.

With any crisis, a fundamental change enters your life. In some ways, it proclaims the end of what was. But in time, it will also herald the beginning of what will be.

It will be my honour to assist you in this.