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email Coaching

Heart and Soul Coaching and Counseling offers a unique format of coaching and counseling: professionally-designed and fully-facilitated email coaching workshops.

The reason for offering this unique format is found in the numerous benefits for you, the client:

Logistic benefits

  • Bypassing time-consuming travel enables you to fit this coaching work easily into your daily personal and professional needs and commitments.
  • Since the coach has no overheads associated with office requirements and renting consulting rooms, the sessions can be offered at a competitive rate.
  • Together with avoiding the costs of travel, this reduces the total costs of an entire coaching program significantly.
  • You do not have to plan and keep fixed appointments, which is especially of importance when, as a result of chronic illness, disability or advanced age your symptoms, energy and mobility are impaired and unpredictable.
  • Clients in this same group of people are often (partly) housebound. To be able to be assisted at home without having to disrupt your supportive routines is essential for your balance and well-being, giving you comfort and safety.
  • All confidential communications can be conducted via encrypted email accounts. Your coach uses the Swiss-based Proton Mail platform, to be combined with any other email platform. If you would wish to create ultimate confidentiality, however, it would be a matter of minutes for you to sign up for the free Proton Mail service.

Therapeutic benefits

  • The free intake procedure will enable you to come to a fully informed decision regarding the suitability of this coaching for you and selecting the workshop that best meets your needs.
  • Many people experience a greater ability to reflect and experience more comfort and freedom in writing than they do during time-limited face-to-face office consultations.
  • The close and frequent interactions with your coach and your active engagement with the workshop will bring you out of the sense of isolation that is so often associated with living with a disability and a chronic health condition.
  • Due to its nature, email coaching eliminates the issues of transference and countertransference.
  • During the workshop of your choice, you will be assisted every step of the way by the coach through unlimited email exchanges.
  • Although coaching is not a therapy, it does have definite therapeutic qualities, which are enhanced by the reflective and contemplative act of therapeutic writing.
  • Each session is accompanied by additional educational articles and exercises relevant to your specific circumstances, needs and goals.
  • Through its clear methodology and structure, email coaching will create a valuable written record of all the communications between you and your coach, that you can refer to even long after the course has come to an end.
  • If you are as yet unsure about your need for and your ability to commit to long-term clinical therapy, and if you find it difficult to decide what best fits your needs, these email workshops offer a very solid introduction. You will work with your personal challenges and explore your needs in such a way that will give you a great understanding and clarity regarding your personal needs and giving you a strong sense of direction for your next steps.
  • In the case of you receiving clinical support and other therapies, this coaching will make an invaluable addition to your overall support network.