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Workshop Support

When you sign up for one of Heart and Soul’s email Workshops, you can expect various areas of support. The vast amount of resources held by Heart and Soul Coaching is at your disposal if and when appropriate. You will be able to find support in the following areas:

Emotional support

The emotional and psychological impacts of living with a disability or a chronic condition are still hugely underestimated. You probably have a lot of information, knowledge and options as far as professional medical help is concerned. But past all the consultations, examinations, prognoses and therapies, the realm of your fears, disappointments, grief, uncertainty and many other inner battles remains neglected.

This email coaching platform, through its workshops, offers you a place to express and share, to unburden yourself and say everything that is otherwise so difficult to say.  We would allow your feelings the freedom they need, and in so doing, you will attain helpful insights and inner peace. Aside from this counseling dynamic, therapeutic writing is used at selected places throughout a workshop program.

Life Work

A life-long illness or disability challenges our sense of meaning, identity and purpose more than any other life crisis. In fact, we speak of an existential crisis when most of what once gave meaning to our days and years falls away. A fulfilling vocation, a stimulating social life, a future with possibilities, family interaction and intimacy – when that is all taken away, we are cast into the fire. Then, the form burns so that the soul may emerge. This is a very arduous and difficult journey, not to be undertaken alone.

Symptom Relief

Here, you wish to find relief from your physical, emotional and/or mental distress. What is the origin of your distress? What have you tried so far and what worked? Aside from helpful medications, there are many effective pain-relieving exercises and supportive relaxation work that can be made part of your daily routine.


It is possible that you already know much about your condition. But maybe you don’t. Or maybe you wish that your family members, close friends or colleagues would understand your situation better. Do you know the medical and the emotional needs associated with your condition? Its prognosis? If need be, together we would explore these issues.


Heart and Soul Coaching holds a very wide selection of self-help guides and informative articles that will be sent to you, as the need arises. Furthermore, it is recommended that you build up a reliable social and professional supportive system. This supportive system is spread over people in your own environment and more widely via online forums, patient platforms, medical sites, chat rooms and other digital resources.

Skill Building

Both the best mechanic and the most gifted artist are helpless without the right tools. Skills are your tools, to help you cope. First you wish to retain a measure of function by coping with the practical consequences of your condition. Ergonomics, pacing, prioritising, daily rhythm and schedules and communicating skills are just a few examples of what this means. You also wish to cope with your sometimes-overwhelming emotions: anger, despair, grief and fear can just be too much. For the duration of your coaching workshop, Heart and Soul will share its considerable resources with you.

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