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My Life Purpose - existential coaching

‘If a man has a ‘why’ to live, he can bear with almost any ‘how’.

This insight from Friedrich Nietzsche encapsulates the necessity and the power of knowing one’s purpose in life.

In previous centuries, the issue of the meaning of life was found in the sphere of religion. The church proclaimed to know what the purpose of human existence was, and prescribed the ways in which one should live. Their statements and orders were to be obeyed without question.

Later, freedom in thinking was expressed in philosophy, which offered a counterpoint to religious dogma. In philosophy, everything was questioned, even if there was a meaning to life at all.

Next, existential psychology brought the concept of Life Purpose into the realm of the individual person.

Each potential development in consciousness needs a measure of resistance to strengthen its existence. In this time, in our deep need for knowing why we are here, we encounter the resistance presented by natural science.  

Through natural science we are told that everything in the entire universe, including the human being, exists as a matter of chance and natural selection. By definition, in a system of chance, in which elements enter and depart at random, there is no aim and hence no purpose, except a purpose that is determined by the requirements of that system, which is not purpose but compulsion.

Yet we see that for the human being, meaninglessness is a condition which our mind and soul find quite intolerable. As a result, a deep subconscious emptiness is experienced, leading to boredom, depression, and neurosis.

“Why am I here?” and “What is my life about?” are questions that occupy the minds and souls of most young people today. There is a deep need to create valuable content to one’s life. There is a deep need to awaken from within, to bring into consciousness the real reason for one’s existence.

But not only young people encounter this quest. It is known that there are certain profound moments in our biography that offer the opportunity to ‘refresh’ ones Life Purpose. In the period that is known as ‘mid-life’, for example. Or when we experience a crisis, such as empty nest, loss of job, a divorce, or a chronic illness diagnosis. Also, when reaching retirement age, when the prospect of many years ahead without the familiar working structure can cause great confusion and fear.

Moments of uncertainty. But what an opportunity!

  • How do you get to know your life purpose?
  • How can life have meaning, when it is so vulnerable and subject to apparently random accidents, sickness, and death?
  • Is your life purpose about worldly things, such as promotion, finances, family, and status?
  • Is life purpose only expressed in what you do?
  • How free are you really in choosing and deciding what your life purpose is?
  • Is your life purpose a fixed thing, or does it change as you change?
  • What about the limitations and burdens put on those who suffer from serious health conditions or disabilities?
  • Is there such a thing as individual destiny, or are we mostly the result of environmental influences?

These questions and many more will be explored, reflected on and worked through during this in-depth workshop. It consists of five Sessions, each with its reflections, themes, and associated questions. This is an interactive workshop, in that you will actively explore and work with your own values, your truths and, in the end, your unique life purpose through the ideas, tasks, and questions provided.

Session 1 Meaning and Values

One way of giving meaning to your life is by creating your personal values. You do this by what you do; by what you give to the world, thus creating your Creational Values.

You also do this by what you experience in life; by what you take from the world, thus creating your Experiential Values.

But what if, for reasons of illness, disability, old age, and other factors, your options for engaging in those values have severely diminished? What then?

Even then, your one freedom that remains is your choice of attitude and, in so doing you create your Attitudinal Values.

In this Session you will create your own personal value system.

Session 2 Appreciative Inquiry

This method will enable you to assign deeper meaning to the events in your life. Using your detailed biography and a specially designed method of evaluation will result in new insights and perspectives regarding profound events in your life.

Session 3  Your Life Purpose – Doing vs Being

Since we mostly associate Life Purpose with a life that exhibits external forms of achievement, performance, and action, contemporary popular workshops and programs are aimed at finding your Life Purpose by examining your passions, your talents and, subsequently, discovering what it is that you should ‘do’ in this world.

But you are so much more than what you do and if you associate your purpose only with the external, you may never find it. Could it be that a balance is needed between your ‘human doing’ and your ‘human being’?

Session 4  The Human Being and Purpose

If we are serious about the question of meaning and purpose, we need to be open to learn about and embrace the nature of the human being. In this comprehensive and unusual reflection, you are offered a deeper view of our essence, which far surpasses our biology and our worldly achievements. Where does destiny fit into the reality of life purpose? And what about karma? How free are we really?

These are just some aspects that will be presented in this provocative Session.

Session 5 Your Purpose Statement

This final Session will guide you by means of a carefully designed, step-by-step method in coming to formulate your own Life Purpose statement.

Using the beneficial method of therapeutic writing, this workshop is Session-by-Session fully facilitated by your Heart and Soul Coach. This project provides a powerful first step in your aim to bring renewal and true meaning into your life.

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