Counselling Options / Formats

In order to accommodate a variety of personal and professional circumstances, such as disability, work hours, ill health, family commitments, financial considerations, etc, HEART AND SOUL offers a choice of formats in order to best meet your individual needs:

Face-to-face counselling sessions

This is the traditional setup, whereby the client and counsellor meet at the counsellor’s practice. A first introductory session lasts approx. 50 minutes.
The fee for the introductory session is R 400. In this time, through confidential dialogue and exploring, you will present your story and your challenges. At the end of this, we will together decide on a way forward.

Telephonic counselling

This is one option as part of what is generally referred to as distance counselling. Here the client telephones the counsellor at a previously agreed time. The same duration and fee for the introductory consult apply.

Skype counselling sessions

As part of distance counselling, Skype / Zoom / Teamspeak consultations take place through a real-time live video platform. Here too, client and counsellor meet online during a previously established appointment. The same fee for the introductory consult applies.

Counselling packages

At the end of the introductory consult, we will together look at a way forward that best meets your personal abilities and needs. This way forward then, will have the form of a package just for you and is not fixed in terms of duration or price. Your package would consist of a combination of x amount of sessions spread over a certain period of time.

Some examples

  • You can decide to commit to short-term counselling of, say, four 1-hour sessions only, to be conducted within a time period of one month or less.
  • It can be that you feel that you want to start off with a more intensive approach of two sessions per week, or even three, or every day. In that case, each session can be 50 – 60 mins. or shorter. Depending on what happens, a pro rata fee will be calculated. 
  • A fairly standard format consists of six 1-hour sessions after the introductory consult, to be conducted at different intervals, but for a total period not exceeding two months.

Please note that whatever package you choose, this will be paid by you in total in advance. If you prefer to be sent an invoice at the end of the month for past consults, 10% of the total amount will be added.


Text-based counselling

Text-based counselling consists of in-depth and elaborate email exchanges, accompanied by attached articles, self-help workbooks and other supporting materials.

Here, you sign up and pay in advance for a period of one or two months, during which you can have as many email interactions as you wish.
Text-based counselling is a fairly new development, and if you wish to find out more about this, please drop an email at contact with the request: Text-based Counselling Brochure.

Payment Options

Counselling and coaching are personal and confidential areas of life. They involve caring work and a considerate approach to your needs and challenges.
For this reason, and for reasons of security, counselling sessions and coaching packages cannot be purchased and paid for through this website.

Since there is a wide range of possibilities in terms of the package that gets designed for you, fees are not fixed. For a guideline, or if you wish to get a quote on a format you have already decided on, please send an email to contact with the request: Options and Fees Brochure.

Payment happens in cash during a face-to-face introductory consultation and from then on in cash if face-to-face consultations are continued, or by Electronic Fund Transfer in the case of distance sessions

An invoice will be drawn up according to your package and sent to you with all the necessary transfer details. Once payment has been received, counselling will commence.

As a matter of your free introduction, I invite you to send me a 1 – 2 page confidential summary here, presenting your personal circumstances, your challenges and what you would want from this counselling. You will receive a response to your letter within three working days.

Alternatively, you can request the on-line brochure here.