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Generating Income whilst Chronically Ill

A transformative online course


Few events in life have such all-encompassing, far-reaching and permanent consequences as the onset of and living with one or more chronic health conditions, pain and/or disability.

From daily routines, social relationships, profession, and finances to issues of self-esteem, depression, self-validation and life purpose; no area of life is excluded.

Work and Income

This course focuses on two interrelated aspect: work and income.

Two-fold Effect

The health condition(s) you are challenged with have (had) without a doubt severe financial consequences. In this, two main effects can be identified:

  1. An increase in expenses due to your medical costs.
  2. Partial or complete loss of income.

This financial calamity, in turn, can be the cause of:

  • stress in the relationship
  • having to cut back on certain expenses, such as travel, recreation, hobby, children’s holidays
  • going into debt
  • future uncertainty
  • you feeling guilty, inferior and being a burden
  • feeling stuck because you don’t see a solution
A Way Forward

This course is designed to help you get unstuck, so to speak.  You will be guided through 8 Modules that each present one or more relevant issues associated with generating an income within the context of your condition(s) and associated symptoms and needs. You will find that there are ways for you to generate income, even if you are severely constrained by say, fatigue, pain, disability and other symptoms.

To be sure, there is no ‘magic bullet’ and you will learn to recognize the ‘get rich quick’ scams and other too-good-to-be-true offers (which they usually are).

There are many aspects to consider when working whilst chronically ill; pragmatic as well as emotional/psychological and we will address many of these aspects in this course.

Whatever you wish to achieve, will require your effort and commitment. You might need to enrol for some trainings, you might need to learn new skills, you might have to practice for some time, create a portfolio, one-page adverts, engage on freelance platforms, submit samples, buy software, learn to deal with rejection, motivate yourself and simply learn by trial and error. And you will need to find and maintain your emotional and mental balance: overcome doubt, create self-confidence, make your self-care a priority, pace your energy and, maybe most of all, develop firm self-compassion.

But that is a fact of life: anything worth achieving is worth the effort.



Each one of the 8 Modules consists of:

  1. Text as a pdf document
  2. Audio recording
  3. Comprehensive Worksheet


Total duration:  8 - 16 Weeks

Some passages from the course:

The need then is to find something that takes your focus away from the turmoil and provide activities and tasks that are not immediately related to your illness. In addition, there exists a mystical connection between emotional and mental well-being and being of service.

Work can motivate you to start the day, to pay less attention to your ordeal and feel that you have a role to play in this world.
Not to mention the stimulating effect of earning money to meet your expenses!

This course puts forward, first of all, the conviction that no matter your circumstances, you too can generate income from home.

Thus, your personal well-being, as a matter of self-care and self-compassion, must always be the point of departure in your endeavours.

Self-compassion, self-care, self-validation and self-motivation are about so much more than just ‘managing your spoons’.
They are about you validating yourself not only as a human doing, but mostly as a human being.

Your ‘default’ setting is everything you cannot do, and in that default setting, you will assess options and suggestions first from that perspective.

Your condition does not necessarily affect your ability to do a job, but rather the process by which you complete the job.

With your goal and its associated milestones and action steps you will make your wish a reality.

The option of working online as a casual tasker, freelancer, an independent professional or as a practice/business owner has several advantages for those who, for reasons of illness, pain and/or disability, are excluded from the regular market place.

Be aware of the fears, doubts and even depression that can come from comparing yourself to healthy performers.

It can also be that you have particular professional skills that you can easily reformat into an online function. Or you may decide that you wish to develop an entirely new profession.