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Healing your Wounded Self

A transformative online course


There are many, many ways in which wounding can be experienced. Betrayal, abuse, rejection, a traumatic accident, physical attack – life is fragile and subject to danger, shock and the unexpected

Likewise, there are many ways in which you can attend to your woundedness. 

This ‘Healing your Wounded Self’ transformational course offers one particular roadmap of compassion and care.

This roadmap consists of 16 carefully designed Modules, or Steps, to help you move through your perceived hardship and come out on the other side. Each step precedes the following one; their order cannot be changed, and the completion of one step prepares you for starting on the next one.

You will be guided through two main methods:

  • accessing your Wounded Self
  • accessing your Higher Guidance

Each Module is furthermore complemented by extensive Worksheets with exercises and tasks to stimulate you into remedial engagement and participation.



Each one of the 16 Modules consists of:

  1. Text as a pdf document
  2. Audio recording
  3. Comprehensive Worksheet


Total duration:  8 - 16 Weeks


Module 1     First Assessment

Module 2     The Inner Child

Module 3     The Loving Adult

Module 4     Core Self and Wounded Self

Module 5     Desperate Beliefs

Module 6     Intent

Module 7     The Gift of the Dragon

Module 8     Desperate Beliefs about the Dragon

Module 9     Listening to the Dragon

Module 10   Surrender – a most Pro-active Choice

Module 11   Opening the Door

Module 12   Self-compassion

Module 13   Heart to Heart

Module 14   Hear

Module 15   Inner Refinement

Module 16   Real Support


Some passages from the course:

Experiencing hurt, abuse, rejection and pain, always challenges our sense of self-worth and self-appreciation. When that happens, your most difficult, and your greatest task is to do for yourself what others could not or would not do when you needed it: value your life, cherish your life and hold it like the gift it is.

If it is possible though, for you to believe that your shadow is not there to create darkness but to enable you to discover your Light behind it, you will be able to transform your hardship and disappointments into their higher form.

We ourselves decide on the meaning of the events we experience by how we handle those events.

Past events cannot be undone, but they do not have to continue to define your future.

We all have our battles and you stand alone in receiving the dynamics of your destiny. But that does not mean that you have to do this by yourself.

Having said this, it is also important to realize that others may get to know and understand very well what you are going through, but no one will ever know how it feels. This in itself shows that you are unique. Your challenges are as unique as your specific abilities to transform them.

Spirituality is not about what we believe, it is about courage, honesty, darkness, vulnerability, humility, learning and creating.

Imagine that within this wounded child is a beautiful light; the light of the Core Self.

The memory of your soul’s mission resides within your Core Self.

Your wounded self is the aspect of you that may use food, medicinal drugs, ambition, compulsive work, entertainment or sensuality to numb out the feelings of hurt and loneliness.

The courage and perseverance to face the dragon is commensurate with the value of his gift for you.

Joy and pain reside in the same place in your heart.

Your pain is not endless and can be a source of information, strength and transformation rather than a weakness.