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Resolve a Crisis in 12 Steps

A transformative, coach-facilitated program


Resolve a Crisis in 12 Steps is a twelve-step, in-depth process that is carefully designed to assist you in constructively meeting and working through a serious problem or crisis in your life.

From the Introduction:

“Possibly you feel very challenged, if not inadequate, in facing your burden and you are not able to handle the situation on your own. However, you may also feel the potential within it and you wish to rise to the occasion and find new strength and clarity form it. How can there still be any good gained from your crisis?”

“The Greek problema refers to something ‘thrown before’ you or that ‘juts out’ like a promontory. It can also mean something ‘held in front’, like a screen or a shield. The Latin equivalent is projectus:  in English we can speak of something that is projected, but also of a project. Thus, as a projected obstacle, a problem can block your path. As a project it can help you develop new insights, strengths and independence.”

“The approach of this program recognizes a crisis as having its issue. We can also call this the appearance of the crisis: the manner in which it appears, the shape in which it manifests.”

“In addition, we also acknowledge a crisis as being an event in your life, in your biography.”

The approach of this program is based on the conviction that your problems are your hidden strengths and gifts in disguise.

In this program you will look at your crisis and problem in the same way, and in this, the consideration for the event will be of more importance than the issues and appearances.

The sequence of the themes throughout this delicate and powerful coaching will gently lead you from a direct experience of the crisis to a place of acceptance, change, resolve, and renewal.

This detailed and compassionate process will help you furthermore to reflect on the events in your biography, to give meaning to hardship and come to forgiveness. 

Where hardship, loss, setbacks and disappointments are concerned, it is often so that there exists a reciprocal relationship between the calibre of the problems and restrictions that challenge you the most, and the calibre of the potential for renewal within those problems. At the time of crisis however, we cannot see the stepping stones that are placed before us that offer us a path to a higher expression of who we are.

This Resolve a Crisis in 12 Steps assistance will enable you to see and use those stepping stones. This assistance comes from the premise that the problems and challenges that you encounter are as unique as your specific opportunity to carry them and transform them.

In addition, this course includes coach-facilitation through email exchanges, supplemented by articles and other resources that might be appropriate for your particular needs. 



Each one of the 12 Modules consists of:

  1. Text as a pdf document
  2. Audio recording
  3. Comprehensive Worksheet s
  4. Unlimited email consultation / facilitation


Total duration:  12 Weeks


Module 1: This is my Problem

This is my problem: a careful and in-depth presentation of the crisis you are facing.  This is my Problem: acceptance and taking ownership are the first empowering steps in the process of resolving your problem.

Module 2:  I am Responsible for my Problem

To be responsible means to care for, or taking care of.  What needs caring?

Module 3:  I want to Resolve my Problem   

Regardless of its causes and origins, the way forward can only be decided on and shaped by you.

Module 4:  What can I learn?

As the issue, your problem hides wisdom and life lessons.  As the event, your problem pushes you into your personal transformation.

Module 5:  I am more than my Pain

You, as yourself, you have a problem, you feel pain, you have an illness, you feel lonely, and so on. But you are not any of those things. Adrift but not lost.

Module 6:  I Should – I Want – I Will

The potential for resolve is determined by the strength of your commitment.

Module 7:  Peace and Pardon  

I – You – We – Us – Them – They      Assessing the Hurt

Module 8:   I see the Good

It is through problems that we are offered a chance for renewal and the opportunity to develop our highest potential.  It is by means of your crisis that you are now offered another chance to care for what may have been neglected, ignored or even denied.

Module 9:    I can let go Now    

In order to move forward, it is necessary to sacrifice old burdens – resentment, regrets, blame.

Module 10:  Into my Future  

Designing the way ahead by formulating inspiring Goals and Milestones – a complete guide.

Module 11:  Renewal

After the darkness, the Light. And also, after the heaviness the lightness.

Module 12:  Into the Light

Self-knowledge - every new step inward allows for a new step outward.


Some passages from the journey:

Maybe, also, deep down, you are aware of a potential within your crisis and you wish to find new strength and clarity by working through it.

The shadow in your life is not there to create darkness, but for you to find your light behind it.

In personal growth, each step inward makes possible a new step outward.

It will not be a matter of casting it out, but rather of welcoming it in and caring for the place where it has landed: in your feelings where it forms an obstacle on your path.

Your problem is as unique as your specific ability to transform it. Even when you feel threatened or broken, you are always a person of infinite depth and worth, and you have a mission to fulfil which belongs to you alone.

You may not be (fully) responsible for the origin and the cause of your crisis, but it is now yours and hence, you are responsible for how you will handle it.

Could it be that, in order for it to be resolved, you need to care for your crisis? Listen to its messages, attend to its needs, learn its lessons?

This feeling sorry for yourself and being a victim may have to be wrestled with.

A crisis always (often indirectly) calls for a decision, a new direction and a shifting of the established pattern.

You, as yourself, you have a problem, you feel pain, you have an illness, you feel lonely, and so on.
But you are not any of those things.

Your crisis has done its work, so that you can meet the future with a greater sense of purpose and with more energy.