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The 5 Stations of Life Purpose

A transformative online course


Whilst in search of your truth, it could be necessary that you lose your way at least once, in your life.  If you are engaged in the search for your unique Life Purpose, this course is just right for you.

Life Purpose, or ‘the Meaning of Life’ is not an abstract concept with a one-size-fits-all formula. Instead, the meaning of your life is as unique as your opportunity to realize it. In this, you cannot be replaced and your life cannot be repeated.

In fact, your Life Purpose may not even be a given – rather it is created by you. This is your ultimate challenge, as it is your freedom: to give meaning to your life and to the events that befall you.

Leading you along five comprehensive Modules, or Stations, each presenting provoking existential, yet practical reflexions that will stimulate you in discovering and formulating the Life Purpose that belongs to you alone.



Each one of the 10 Modules consists of:

  1. Text as a pdf document
  2. Audio recording
  3. Comprehensive Worksheet



Module 1   Meaning and Values

One way of giving meaning to your life is by creating your personal values. You do this by what you do; by what you give to the world, thus creating your Creational Values.

You also do this by what you experience in life; by what you take from the world, thus creating your Experiential Values.

But what if, for reasons of illness, disability, old age, and other factors, your options for engaging in those values have severely diminished? What then?

Even then, your one freedom that remains is your choice of attitude and, in so doing you create your Attitudinal Values.

In this Session you will create your own personal value system.

Session 2    Appreciative Inquiry

This method will enable you to assign deeper meaning to the events in your life. Using your detailed biography and a specially designed method of evaluation will result in new insights and perspectives regarding profound events in your life.

Session 3    Your Life Purpose – Doing vs Being

Since we mostly associate Life Purpose with a life that exhibits external forms of achievement, performance, and action, contemporary popular workshops and programs are aimed at finding your Life Purpose by examining your passions, your talents and, subsequently, discovering what it is that you should ‘do’ in this world.

But you are so much more than what you do and if you associate your purpose only with the external, you may never find it. Could it be that a balance is needed between your ‘human doing’ and your ‘human being’?

Session 4    The Human Being and Purpose

If we are serious about the question of meaning and purpose, we need to be open to learn about and embrace the nature of the human being. In this comprehensive and unusual reflection, you are offered a deeper view of your essence, which far surpasses your biology and your worldly achievements. Where does destiny fit into the reality of life purpose? And what about karma? How free are we really?

These are just some aspects that will be presented in this provocative Session.

Session 5   Your Purpose Statement

This final Session will guide you by means of a carefully designed, step-by-step method in coming to formulate your own Life Purpose statement.

End Points


Some passages from the course:

Every person represents something unique and each situation in life occurs only once. Your concrete task is relative to your uniqueness and singularity.
In truth, you are being questioned by life, and you can only answer to life by answering for your own life.

Of all life on earth, it is reserved for the human being alone to find his very existence questionable and to experience the whole dubiousness of being.

A person’s very response to the restraints they experience provides them with a whole new realm of values that belong among the highest values.

Rather than through pleasure and fortune, it is through problems and challenges that the meaning of your unique life can be created and established.

No life, indeed, no moment in life, holds no meaning.
To be aware of that, however, is a different matter.

Your biography is the outer expression in time of your spiritual path.

You are so much more than what you do, and if you associate your purpose only with the external, you may never find it.

The quest regarding the meaning of life cannot be seen in isolation from you, who is doing the questioning.

Where biology stops, the real human being begins.

Opposite the view that everything in life is subject to coincidence and chance, stands the view that everything in life is subject to a design.

Is it possible that ‘to have authority’ means that you were and continue to be the author of your life?

Your Life Purpose will remain hidden from you as long as you reject your life situation.

Your life is not a meaningless succession of random events that mostly don’t go the way you want them to go. Instead, you can begin to see that it is precisely the daily events that show you your Life Purpose, if you respond to them with an open heart.

Sometimes a crisis is needed to bring you to the place and the task that truly belong to you and to which you truly belong.