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Non-facilitated Courses

In addition to the coach-facilitated programs, Heart and Soul Coaching has also made four non-facilitated courses available.

These courses each provide their own transformative process that you can embark on by yourself or together with a person of your choice.

Since these courses are not facilitated, a fair amount of self-discipline and self-motivation is required to ensure maximum benefit and completion.

Each course is made up of three sections:

  1. The Module’s text as pdf document
  2. The module’s theme as audio recording
  3. The Module’s comprehensive worksheet

Although not as comprehensive and in-depth as the facilitated programs, these courses still offer invaluable benefits and form an important part of your support structure.

The following pages present a very brief introduction to each course. A more detailed outline on each course can be seen when clicking on the course’s title.




A transformative, online course


What are your options when a chronic illness, pain and/or disability have all but eliminated your previous work, function, recreation, income and so much more?

This course will support you when you are in dire need of renewed motivation and discovering alternative avenues of creativity, self-esteem, work and future direction.

Among many other things, you will learn:

  • What real self-validation is
  • The many ways in which your specific condition impacts on your life
  • The wide range of work and employment options that can still be your share and provide you with income
  • The importance of and means to emotional expression
  • To re-invent your creative self
  • To set and achieve goals in the context of your circumstances
  • To recognize and access the life of the soul

Length: 10 Modules
Duration: 10 Weeks
Category: Transformative online course





A transformative, online course


Among the many challenges associated with living with one or more chronic health conditions and/or disability surely belong the terrifying financial consequences. Losing your work or forced to work only part-time, together with the significant medical expenses all cause severe financial insecurity.

In search of alternatives, where to even begin?

This 8-Module course will guide you, step-by-step through the doubts, fears, possibilities and traps associated with re-inventing your professional life or other means of generating income whilst having to accommodate your symptoms and care needs associated with your health condition(s).

Among many other things, you will learn:

  • Doing what you want to do in balance with what you can do
  • The many options and possibilities available of generating an income
  • Making your new income-generating activity a reality by setting a goal in accordance with your passion and wishes, whilst accommodating your symptoms and health care needs
  • How to achieve your goal step-by-step
  • About cyber security and safe online interaction
  • About managing doubts, fears and depression

Length: 8 Modules
Duration: 8 - 16 Weeks
Category: Transformative online course





A transformative, online course


There are many, many ways in which wounding can be experienced. Betrayal, abuse, rejection, a traumatic accident, physical attack, the entry of a permanent chronic illness, just to name some examples. In truth, life is fragile and subject to danger, shock and the unexpected.

Likewise, there are many ways in which you can attend to your woundedness.

This transformational course offers one particular roadmap of compassion and care.

Among many other things, you will learn:

  • To recognize and access the different aspects in your experience of yourself and of your woundedness
  • To recognize and accept your Wounded Self and your Adult Self and their precious messages
  • To recognize long-held emotional and mental coping mechanisms and letting them go
  • To find the ‘gift of the Dragon’
  • To develop and work with your higher guidance

Length: 16 Modules
Duration: 8 - 16 Weeks
Category: Transformative course





A transformative, online course


Whilst in search of your truth, it could be necessary that you lose your way at least once, in your life. If you are engaged in the search for your unique Life Purpose, this course is just right for you.

Leading you along five comprehensive Modules, or Stations, each presenting provoking existential, yet practical reflections that will stimulate you in discovering and formulating your own unique Life Purpose that belongs to you alone.

Among many other things, you will learn:

  • To discover and choose your highest personal values
  • To discover the meaning and purpose of your life up until now
  • To recognize and accept that your Life Purpose is not only about what you do
  • What truly makes us human beings, whereby your Life Purpose is only partly a given but mostly waiting to be created by you
  • That what you consider to be your restrictions and limitations in truth hide your Life Purpose
  • The reciprocal relationship between your most difficult restraints and the highest values you can create because of them
  • To define and formulate your own, unique Life Purpose

Length: 5 Modules
Duration: 10 Weeks
Category: Transformative course